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Double Step Cleanser

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Double Step Cleanser

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Paeonilarowa Double Step Cleanser
– Nautural Intensive Cleanser

– Lip & Eye Cleanser

Remove heavy make up with different types of cleanser
Easier & Faster but more effective !

Paeonilarowa Double Step Cleanser;s key ingredient is Moringa seed oil.
Moringa seed oil is essential unsaturated fatty which maintains te skin young and healthy by helping antioxidant action. Also Moring seed oil has a strong ability to absorb moisture so it moisturizes the skin area where can easily dry such as skin around eye hole or much.

Lip & Eye cleanser is a combition of water type and oil type cleaning agent.
This second=floor struction of cleanser removes the heavy make up more effectively and more powerfully.
Moreover it mitigates the skin dryness after cleansing.

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