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Natural Essence

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Natural Essence

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Essence 50ml

Natural Essence

Whitening + Anti-winkle cosmetics
Natural Cosmetics for the first step of dermal fasting

The essence combines the patented ingredient UJW8575 and medicinal plants grown from clean Jeju to protect the   skin and turns it moist.
The highly enriched essence helps the skin that has become sensitive through external circumstances to rejuvenate quickly.
Contains the patented substance
     - 'UJW8575 (Seaweed Extract/ Natural Preservative / Bioactive substances)

Material : Patented UJW8575 (Seaweed) Extract, Jeju Native Medicinal Herb
                 and Bud Extract
Use        : Both men and women
Volume  : 50ml
Features : Keeps the skin moist and soft with natural moisturizing ingredients
                  Effective in restoring skin irritated by external stimulation
                  Natural moisturizing agents – Skin protection and moisturizing
                  Rapidly repairing sensitive skin
Patented UJW8575 : Scenic island ' Biyangdo Island "near Jeju Island .
A mysterious substance , It is special material UJW8575 made by Uni-well
It is a bioactive substance extracted from marine algae( it is kind of  seaweed) Ecklonia cava in the clean and deep sea in Korea .

Marine seaweeds has natural preserving power (preservative without any artificial chemical additives.
 And it has 4 kind of bioactive substance ( very useful ingredients/component for humans)
1) Polyphenol complex- containing eckol type antioxidant compounds,
    So , effective antioxidant function, Anti-aging
2) Fucoidan- effective in slowing or stopping the growth (growing)of tumor (cancer) cells
3) Fucosterol - Reduce cholesterol. Improving blood circulation
4) Alginic acid -Decrease in blood pressure ,supplying Calcium,
     Removing harmful materials , Skin-regeneration, Reduce cholesterol
So, Totally , Our materials have 1) purification of blood 2) blood vessel protection
3) improved blood circulation

Features on skin
- Abundant in nutrients, such as alginic acid, iodine and potassium > Provide nutrition
- Block ultraviolet rays > Protect skin from UV-B
- Have anti-oxidation effect > Prevent skin aging
- Protect hair and scalp and assist hair regrowth


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